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April 13, 2016
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Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine – Case Study

  • TaskIQMM needed a website built from scratch with a robust and complex ecommerce engine.

Client Profile

The Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine (IQMM) has been committed for over 30 years to teaching, researching and developing understanding of the energetic makeup of man to assist the caring healthcare professional of today. Man is not just a physical body of different parts, but is a whole person and IQMM promotes natural healing arts that address man as a whole. This includes the physical body, thinking abilities, emotions and most important man’s individual beliefs which together make up his entirety. Only by healing the entire person can lasting health and wellness be achieved.


The Challenge

IQMM came to me with a vision of a complex site that offered a multitude of commerce solutions so their customers could get the training they needed. This was a site that was incredibly complex and demanded a custom build.

The Solution

No standard theme would do so I built a custom theme, leveraging the Genesis Framework. I did use WooCommerce for the e-commerce solution, along with a few add-on extensions to get the customer shopping experience to a level that satisfied the client.